What is PINS?

Prisoner Intelligence Notification System (PINS) is a software solution designed to help law enforcement agencies prevent crimes committed by offenders when they are released from prison. By pro-actively notifying local police and agencies in advance of release, PINS helps them keep on top of known criminals as they re-enter the community.


History and experience show us that correctional facilities can often be a breeding ground for continued criminality, networking amongst offenders and organised crime. The unfortunate truth is that releases from prison, and associations formed during incarceration, often dramatically impact crime activity in the community.

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PINS Features

The PINS software collects prison and police data from a variety of key sources and automatically cross-references and links historic and current prisoner records. Daily monitoring of prison data allows PINS to send critical alerts and notifications to intelligence officers detailing key prisoner data changes as well as advance release notifications.

Who we work with

We work with almost every police service in the UK. Since PINS was first deployed in 2004, we have worked hand in hand with our police customers to continually develop and enhance the systems capabilities. The success of this working relationship has enabled us to provide regular upgrades to the PINS system.

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PINS is also designed to:

  • Provide a single offender view
  • Add watches to prisoners for notifications of changes or releases
  • Search prison inmates by crime, nationality, religion and prison location
  • Track dangerous nominals and gangs
  • Automatically match warrants
  • Bulk check any list of offenders against prison inmates
  • Show clear visibility of historic and current cell and wing sharing arrangements


Benefits of PINS

By delivering accurate prison intelligence to key individuals, PINS enable intelligence, officers and offender managers to conduct pro-active intelligence work in and out of prisons. The integration of PINS into existing intelligence systems extends visibility of prison information to a much wider audience. PINS is capable of dramatically reducing detection time, preventing crime and driving down the cost of investigations.

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