Why Ohub?

Up until now, community safety partners have been faced with highly manual operations and processes. With no effective IT system for the management of the various community cohorts,
the collaboration of multiagency community safety has been impossible.

What is Ohub?

Ohub has been designed to offer a multiagency approach to community safety. With collaborative and automated data sharing Ohub enables community safety partners to establish risk probabilities based in historical data, track interventions across multiple agencies and generate performance reporting. Ohub removes the manual and time consuming process of using multiple systems and offers a truly integrated case management system.

Ohub supports the sharing of information across a range of multi-agency schemes including integrated offender management (IOM), Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), Troubles Families, Domestic Violence and Gangs.

Benefits of Ohub

In these straitened financial times, performance management and value for money must be part of the IOM process. IOM has got to prove that it not only makes good common sense, it also makes good financial sense.

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Ohub Features

Ohub provides an individual view of multi-agency case management data. It automatically searches multiple agency systems daily and updates new and existing profiles. It supports the sharing of information across a range of multi-agency schemes including offender management, troubled families, ASB, domestic violence and gangs.
Ohub offers a secure integrated solution without the need to double-key. Manual, time consuming systems and processes are replaced with an effective, flexible examination tool allowing for wider reach, scope and management of multiple agency data.
Ohub operates on the basis of capturing baseline individual levels and targets, tracking input costs and measuring outcomes. It compares the costs of successful outcomes against input costs to measure financial and non-financial benefits. As Ohub records performance on a per case basis, it can also report on overall group performance.
Ohub can report performance by intervention pathway and can compare if those interventions are achieving results. The system tracks and manages suitable interventions based on individual profiles and tracks if one pathway is working better than the other.
The Ohub system sends automated activity and status change notifications to community safety managers and other nominated individuals.


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Key Benefits:

  • A shared view of individual/offender cases giving partner agencies one combined up-to-date interface.
  • A simple dashboard which allows you to quickly view the most current information about an offender or a case.
  • Ability to coordinate action plans cross-agency to enable a combined approach to intervention.
  • Historical data is tracked to allow you to identify pathways and interventions and their impact on individual cases.
  • One common shared system eliminates the need for double-keying and manual, time consuming processes.
  • A clear view of each partner organisation’s risk assessment for an offender and also the ability to create a shared risk assessment by combining data from all agencies.
  • Overall visibility of the financial returns of schemes based on detailed performance reporting.
  • Show clear visibility of historic and current cell and wing sharing arrangements.
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