About Saadian

Saadian provides critical software and digital services that help keep people safe; support people in improving their lives; and help hundreds of organisations function effectively.

Saadian was founded in Dublin almost 20 years ago and since then has been consistently delivering business critical services. Saadian launched as a business providing support in telecoms and mobile messaging services; and expanded into analysis, refinement, transformation and presentation of data and most recently has developed a state-of-the-art digital services

For over a decade Saadian has been partnering with law enforcement agencies and developing a range of products designed to help prevent crime and reduce re-offending. In 2003 Saadian launched the Prison Intelligence Notification System (PINS), which fast became the number one prison intelligence tool in the United Kingdom, leading to Saadian holding the National Contract and becoming the only commercial supplier of prisoner intelligence software, providing a unique and expert service to 95% of UK police departments and law enforcement agencies. Saadian are still one of the leading providers of mobile messaging services in Ireland and have successfully launched our PINS product in the USA.

At Saadian we believe that constant innovation is essential to delivering competitive advantage. We pride ourselves on our good reputation and our strong relationships with our customers.

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The Saadian values sit at the heart of our business and help us meet our customer’s needs

Customer Focused

We are passionate about our customers; we recognise that our customers are the driving force behind our success and we are committed to listening and positively responding to their needs.

Delivering Quality

Providing high-quality , secure solutions & services; We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience through our efficient services and innovative solutions.

One Team

Working together to achieve great performance; We believe that our great colleagues make the difference. We share our skills, knowledge and experience to ensure we are one team.

Continuous Improvement & Creativity

Leading the way through innovation; We never stop thinking about delivering improvements for our customers, today and tomorrow.

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