pngpinsPrisoner Intelligence Notification System (PINS) is a unique software solution designed for managing the secure dissemination of prisoner release data from the prison service to police intelligence agencies
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Ohub is an information sharing platform designed to enable agencies to combine multiple sources of information. By offering a single joined-up view of an offender of a case across numerous agencies, Ohub enables community safety partners to work in a more integrated manner to align efforts and achieve efficiencies. Click for More


Using SMS technology Pager SMS turns a mobile phone into a pager. Unlike traditional pagers it is two way with auditable results. PagerSMS delivers a text message with a distinctive alarm that over-rides ‘silent’ function and rings continually until acknowledged by the recipient. Click for More


Business2Mobile is a unique mobile messaging business application. It enables organisations operating in the public and private sectors to deliver intelligent SMS message routing products to their customers, staff and supply chain partners.
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